2LS2-1: Interdependent Relationships in-Ecosystems

I can investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow.

VOCABULARY & Study tips

The transfer of pollen from one flower to the another one is called pollination. Pollen grains are carried and transported by air, insects, animals, water, etc.

Plants begin their life as a seed. Seeds are mostly protected inside the fruit. Seeds have an undeveloped baby plant (embryo) and hard shell (seed coat).

Plant Lifecycle:
Step 1: Seed:- Plants begin their life as a seed.
Step 2: Germination: when seed gets right combination of soil, sunlight and water, it germinates.
Step 3: Seedling: Young plant appears above the soil, this is called a seedling.
Step 4: Mature plant: Seedling continues to grow into a full mature plant with leaves, roots, and stems.
Step 5: Flowering: Mature plant grows flowers and produce seeds.

The part of a plant that grows below the ground is called the root. Main function of the root is to hold the plant to the ground and absorb water and minerals from the soil.

The part of a plant that grows above the ground is called the shoot. Shoot consists of stems, branches, leaves, buds, flowers, and fruits.

Parts of a plant:
Main parts of the plant are:
– Leaf
– Seed
– Bud
– Flower
– Fruit
– Branch
– Stem
– Root

Stem grows above the ground. Main function of the stem is to hold the plant upright and carry water and food from the roots to the leaves. They also supports the plant in holding leaves, flowers, and fruits.